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Introductory STARSkate

Introductory STARSkate is a group program for skaters who have passed level 3 CanSkate or have been assessed by a FSFSA coach as ready, and are interested in figure skating. This program will still cover all the basic skating fundamentals of the CanSkate program, but will also introduce skaters to figure skating specific skills. This class is a full hour long, taught by a FSFSA professional coach in a group of 12 skaters or less. Coaches will monitor your child's progress and give recommendations as to when they are ready to advance into STARSkate.


Benefits of Introductory STARSkate:

  • additional ice time
  • shared full ice group program
  • entire session supervised and instructed by a FSFSA professional coach
  • prepares skaters for the figure skating program
  • Skaters will learn figure skating terminology


Introductory STARSkate is where figure skating dreams begin!


  • Figure skates (highly recommended not to have molded ones)
  • Helmets are optional
  • Skate guards for off the ice (protects the blades from dings and keeps them sharper longer)
  • Skating dresses or skirts or stretchy black pants, NO JEANS ALLOWED
  • A sweater (no hoodies or big winter jackets please) layer up if necessary
  • Hair must be tied back in a pony tail (unless it is too short to)
  • Thin nylon mitts, double up if necessary but no big gloves please.
What Happens After CanSkate - Introductory STARSkate
What Happens After CanSkate.pdf
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2017/18 Session #2 - January - March 2018

Registration Date:

Wednesday December 6th, 2017 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Sportsplex

Day Times Dates Arena Cost Code

4:30-5:30pm on-ice

5:40-5:55pm off-ice

Jan. 8 - Mar. 26


No Skating Feb. 19

11 Weeks


$137 ISS1

4:30-5:30pm on-ice

5:40-5:55pm off-ice

Jan. 10 - Mar. 28

12 Weeks

SPX $150 ISS2

9:00-10:00pm on-ice

no off-ice

Jan. 13 - Mar 24

11 Weeks


$121 ISS3


Registration Fees:

Please see above for the registration fee for each day you choose

$100 fundraising fee per family

$36 Skate Canada Membership Fee - only paid once per season per skater (Sept. 1/17 - Aug. 31/18)

Introductory STARSkate Winter 2018 Information
Introductory STARSkate Winter 2018.pdf
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